life of a yogi

Damn i feel tired.

I will do ujjayi.

Does my jaw drop when i relax?

Jeanna at Yoga Games.

Teacher training Nica.

Hotel in Sthlm.

Do I lean forward?

Yoga games.

Could the alarm ring?

My shoulder itches.

Could teach a class at work.

I scratched it.

Do I lean to my right?

Soundtrack to fifty shades.

Oh i should do a meditation every morning.

Now everywhere itches.

Oh I should have 15 min meditation at class tomorrow.

My back is tierd.

Oh I should continue with yin after this.

Stop plan, do it instead.

Will these 15 min ever be over?

Damn. stop thinking.

Shit, my foot is asleep.

Hope A doesn’t get home before I’m done. I like it quiet.

Tick tock. That clock really ticks loudly.

I wonder how people with families meditate? At night?


Finally the alarm rings.

Meditation. No one said it comes easy. 

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