powervinyasa – prep for #yogagames

YUMMY class with Ernesto, just me and Jenna there to absorb all this energy and britght enlightenment he just spreads around in his classes. Just LOVE it. In shavasana I could barely relax cous I got all excited over all the ideas I got in my head for the company, my future and just LIFE

Now, after a really cheesy lunch (both feta and halloumi overload) I’m gonna do a make-over and become the smashing FAB Martina with giant curly hair, all prep for todays BIRTHDAYPARTY. Melker is turning ONE already – and my plan is that he is gonna believe that I’m a TROLL or HÄXA. Kind of fun, right? Give you a pic later so you can be the judge. 

Have great one honeypies. 


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